Enterprise South Industrial Park Storm Water Management Phase II

Chattanooga, TN

SET personnel provided engineering quality control and erosion control inspections for the relocation of Poe Branch stream and construction of pools in the Enterprise South Industrial Park. This area is for the storage and treatment of storm water from the Volkswagen Assembly Plant. SET oversaw and enforced design specifications and compliance during clearing, stream and pools construction and stabilization.

06-20-14 Stream section on north side of Discovery Dr 03 07-03-14 Pools on north side of the Limits of Preservation Area 2 07-17-14 South end of the stream 07-17-14 Stream on the north side of Discovery Dr 08-22-13 Tree clearing operation around the Limits of Preservation Area 1 04 09-06-13 Topsoil spreading operation at the pond location south of Limits of Preservation Area 3 09-13-13 Excavation and grading operations at areas and pool location in the se quadrant of site 01 10-11-13 Excavation operation at the northeast corner of the site 02 10-12-13 Excavation operation for the new Poe Branch 02