Greenville Tennessee Airport

Greenville, TN

SET was the Construction Engineering Inspection Firm. SET was contracted by Barge, Waggoner, Sumner and Cannon (Design Engineers) to be the resident project representative and perform erosion control inspections for the addition of new storm lines and slope enhancement at the Greeneville Airport. SET inspected the construction of a box culvert with the addition of new drains for runoff from the runway of the airport. A 40ft manhole was installed and backfilled into the existing slope. After construction, SET ensured proper stabilization of the site.

08-02-12 Work area around the manhole 10-12-12 Workers are installing pvc pipe between pvc area drains N-12 to N-13 10-14-12 A dozer is cutting the new ditch along side Wilson Hill Rd south of the box culvert 10-23-12 Binder has been installed on one side of the road relocation 10-25-12 Workers are installing the surface asphalt on Wilson Hill Rd 02 11-21-12 Looking at the matted slope and chain link fence 11-21-12 Looking on top of the slope 02 Workers continue to install rebar for the box culvert section to be poured