Stokley Athletic Center Demolition

Knoxville, TN

SET was the Construction Engineering Inspection Firm. SET personnel provided oversight for the demolition of the University of Tennessee Stokley Athletic Center and Gibbs Hall. SET inspected and verified the removal of hazardous materials and debris. In addition, SET personnel tracked daily progress and acted as liaison between the owner and the contractor

1-7-14 Stokely Athletic Center 002 02-03-14 Asbestos Fireproofing Abatement Containment Areas Inside Arena at Stokely Athletic Center 002 03-24-14 Dust-Control During Structural Demolition Of Gibbs Hall 002 03-24-14 Structural Demolition at Gibbs Hall 005 06-02-14 On-Going Operations at Stokely Athletic Center DCIM100MEDIA